Safe Driving Tips for Spring

Safe Driving for Spring

With spring finally here, everyone will want to get out onto the open road with their windows rolled down. There’s truly nothing better. However, it’s also important to keep yourself and those around you safe. Here are a few safe driving tips for the spring.

Watch for Puddles

As snow and ice melt, they often leave large puddles of water on the roads. If you aren’t careful, then you may find yourself hydroplaning across these puddles. This is one of the main causes of accidents in spring. Learn more about safe driving in wet conditions.


In addition to puddles, you may also find a lot of slush on the road. Since it is frequently the same color as the road, you sometimes just have to be aware of the weather conditions. If you think there may be slush on the road, then drive a bit slower than normal just to be safe.

Heavy Rain

The spring months are notorious for heavy rain, so it’s important that you drive carefully. If it is storming and hard to see, don’t be afraid to pull off the road until the weather clears up a bit. Additionally, check your wipers to ensure that they are in excellent working condition.

If you need any assistance with your vehicle this spring, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet!

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