Fun Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

It can be difficult to come up with new ideas for Valentine’s Day every year. That’s why so many people get stuck in the same routine of chocolates and flowers. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day that we love.

Valentine's Day

Scavenger Hunt

A classic game, the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is both romantic and active. End the scavenger hunt somewhere where the two of you can relax afterwards.


Date Coupons

For a gift that keeps on giving, put together a nice book of date coupons that your significant other can choose to use throughout the year. You could even include different chores that you don’t normally do.


Return to Your First Date

It can be a powerful experience to return to the place that the two of you shared your first date, even if it isn’t the most romantic location ever.


Surprise Trip

Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to take a trip together, so make a point of it this year on Valentine’s Day. Call into your work to get time off, and then pack your bags without telling your significant other. Just be sure to leave them enough time after your initial surprise to call off from work as well!


Most importantly, above all else, enjoy your time with your significant other.

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