Winter Activities in St. Louis

winter activities in St. Louis

The holidays have a tendency to put a major strain on many family wallets but fortunately there’s plenty to do for free in St. Louis! This winter hotspot boasts plenty of fun activities that don’t cost any more than the gas to get there. Here are a few winter activities in St. Louis recommended by us here at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet of O’Fallon!

  • Missouri History Museum – German settlers contributed quite a bit to the history and overall culture of St. Louis. The Missouri History Museum recognizes that fact by holding the German Heritage Cultural Fest ever year. The event features music, dancing, and hands-on activities that celebrate the German influence on the city. Stop by and enjoy the free activities!
  • Louis Art Museum – You can learn a lot from looking at art. That isn’t always easy for parents, though, which is why the St. Louis Art Museum holds free family Sundays. New artists can even formulate their own costumes, start a gallery hunt, and much more!
  • Eagles – Midwinter, as it turns out, is a great time to go eagle spotting. The birds of prey soar through the area, landing in trees on the edge of the river in order to catch a few fish. Interested eagle spotters should stop by in the early morning otherwise they might miss such an incredible sight!

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