Chevrolet Introduces the Colorado ZR2 Off-Road Monster

Off-road pickups have been gaining attention lately with nameplates like the Ford F-150 Raptor taking to the market, and Chevrolet isn’t far behind with their own Colorado off-roading model. The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, based off of the acclaimed, best-selling Colorado pickup, is sure to deliver plenty of fun and thrills as evidenced by the brand-new promotional trailer dropped by Chevrolet recently.

Chevy opens its video with “where the pavement ends, the fun begins,” and proceeds to show the new, rugged Colorado ZR2 ripping through cracked, arid ground, throwing up dust, climbing over dunes, and crashing through forests, mud, and water. Chevrolet amps up the competition by claiming the Chevy Colorado ZR2 will have more off-road technology than any other truck. Further information won’t be revealed until the Colorado ZR2 crawls closer to its spring 2017 release date, but we do know the model makes use of Multimatic dampers developed for Formula 1 racecars.

The Colorado off-roading model makes use of the Chevy Colorado’s slim, mid-size design, which would allow it to squeeze through tighter spaces and maneuver over tougher terrain without the weight and clumsiness of a full-size pickup. The introductory promotional video was short, but it did a good job of demonstrating what we have to look forward to in the new Colorado ZR2.

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