Chevrolet Suburban Added to Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chevrolet Suburban

Ever heard of a car being added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Until last December, it hadn’t happened. But on December 4, 2019 the Chevrolet Suburban had the honor of being the first vehicle to receive a Hollywood Award of Excellence star. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce unveiled the award on Hollywood Boulevard, honoring the SUV’s long career in film and television.

For 67 years, the Chevy Suburban has made appearances in television series and films alike, playing the hero, the villain, and everything in between. The large SUV has had no trouble getting hired for parts over the years, since picture car coordinators love its versatility, on and off the screen.

The Suburban made its first appearance on screen in 1952, and has since been in over 1,750 movies and series. Its impressive résumé has included at least one TV series a year since 1956 and one or more films a year since 1960. Over 30 films featuring the Chevy Suburban have been nominated for awards.

The full-size Suburban isn’t the only Chevy model with screen time. The Chevrolet Tahoe has been in at least one television series and one film a year since it was introduced in 1995.

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