Reasons to Wash Your Car Regularly

While oil changes and tire rotations are recognized as important car maintenance, it’s easy to dismiss washing your vehicle as less important. However, there are quite a few practical reasons to drive a clean car. After reading the list below, you might want to grab a bucket and a hose — or head over to our dealership for Jack Schmitt’s Premium Car Wash.

Prevent damage

Especially in spring and winter, road salt can build up on your car, corroding its metal and causing rust. As the weather warms up, dead bugs, sap, and bird droppings become a hazard — they’re acidic enough to eat away car paint. Clean them off to preserve your car’s appearance and value.

Better fuel economy

Dirt and grime create drag on your vehicle’s exterior, making it burn more fuel. Clean cars can be up to 10 percent more efficient than their dirty counterparts, so save on fuel by giving your vehicle a good scrub.

Better visibility

It’s hard to see out of your car windows when they’re caked in salt or dirt. Stay safer on the road by driving with clean windows.

Cleaner aesthetics

No matter how sporty and sculpted of a vehicle you drive, it’ll look better without a coat grime. With a clean car, you’ll feel better about yourself — and your car.

Experts recommend washing your car every two weeks, and waxing it twice a year. If you’re servicing your vehicle with Jack Schmitt Chevrolet, you can receive Jack Schmitt’s Premium Car Wash for free — it’s a full-service soft-touch car wash, complete with interior detailing. Active duty and retired military personnel receive a 10 percent discount on most services, while seniors get 10 percent off most services every Tuesday.

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