3 Reasons to Buy Yourself A Car After Graduation

Reasons to Buy Yourself a Car After Graduation | Jack Schmitt Chevrolet | O'Fallon, IL

Graduation is finally here. It’s time to don your cap and gown and walk across that stage. You’ve worked hard throughout your years at college and it’s time to celebrate – but how should you go about doing so? We think purchasing a new car is the perfect graduation gift to yourself. Here are three reasons to buy yourself a car after graduation.

Put the right foot forward at job interviews.

Once your graduation ceremony is over, it’s likely you will start heading out on interviews, searching for your dream job – if you haven’t already. Rather than pulling into the parking lot in the vehicle that got you through high school and college, consider the effect it will have on your potential employers if you were driving a brand-new vehicle.

Reward yourself for your hard work.

You’ve just spent the last few years pulling all-nighters, writing ten-page papers, and sitting through lectures. Reward yourself for the work you put into getting your degree!

Use your textbook money in a better way.

It’s likely your monthly car payment will add up being less than the cost of textbooks – so why not use the money you would normally spend on these books in another way?

For the perfect post-graduation gift, be sure to stop by Jack Schmitt Chevrolet.

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