Pet-Friendly Local Activities You Can Drive Your Chevy To

pet-friendly local activities

Are you wondering what pet-friendly local activities you can go to? Drive your new Chevrolet, provided by us at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet, with your dog in the backseat for a day of fun.

Dog Park in Rock Springs Park

Rock Springs Park offers O’Fallon area residents quick access to a dog park, an off-leash area where dogs can roam free to play and run. With obstacle courses and other objects for dogs to play and interact with, it’s a great spot to bring your buddy.

Other Area Parks

While your dog will have to be on a leash, going for a walk in any of the area’s local parks is a great idea. Head to Community Park, Hesse Park, Ogles Creek Park, Savannah Hills, or any of various other local parks.

The Splash Pad

During the summer, the Splash Pad at the Family Sports Park is open for when you just need to cool off. Dogs are welcome, too, allowing your furry friend the chance to splash around and play in the water.

Check out these pet-friendly local activities for awesome things to do near us here at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet of O’Fallon. It’s sure to be a blast for both you and your furry best friend.


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